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IT Department

The Central Valley Central School District recognizes the increasing potential of today’s technology as a powerful learning medium for our students. Technology is already in the hands of our students, and it is imperative that we integrate its use into the curriculum.

To meet the requirements set forth by state and federal agencies, in addition to the instructional technology mission statement, Central Valley CSD will provide cost-effective technologies which will empower all students to learn and support student academic achievement. This would include preparing our students to be life-long learners who are responsible citizens prepared to enter the technological society of today, as well as tomorrow.

Educational Technology Leader (MORIC): Stephen Smith

Hardware Technical Support (MORIC): Joe Kirk, Chris Pawluk, William Mammone, Jason Riesel, Mike Smith, Scott Walker, and Ethan Weinberger

Instructional Technology Support (Central Valley): Liza Gonzalez