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Facilities Use

Facilities Use Request

The Central Valley Central School District’s (the District) maintains school buildings and grounds primarily for the purpose of educating students within the district. The Board of Education (the Board) recognizes that the buildings and grounds are also a valuable community resource and believes that this resource should be available to the community for specific uses that will not interfere with educational activities. The policy linked below identifies the ways that community groups may use those facilities.

Requests to use of school facilities must be made at least thirty (30) days in advance of the date of requested use. At its discretion, the District may grant the use of a school facility, but reserves the right to designate which school facility may be used. All uses must be non-exclusive and open to the general public. Requests must be submitted via the Master Library (ML) Schedules program. See the links below for information on setting up an account and entering requests.

A graphic with text that reads "Register for a new account (only needed for first-time use)".

Facility use requests are completed online via ML Schedules. Before you can make a request, you will need to set up your account and create a group for your organization. Please complete all fields and you will receive an email confirmation once your group is approved. 

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Once you have created an account and received your approval email, you can submit a request to use our facilities.

Community Use of School Facilities General Guidelines

District facilities may be used for the purposes listed, subject to the conditions and restrictions set forth in this policy.

  1. Community groups using the facilities are required to provide evidence of liability insurance, with the district named as an additional insured, in the amount of $1,000,000 occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate*.
  2. Sponsoring organizations must provide sufficient competent adult supervision throughout the use of any facilities.
  3. An employee of the District must be on duty whenever school facilities are used by an organization or group. The custodian on duty should be notified at the start and finish of the activity.
  4. No out-of-school group will begin its activities until school is dismissed in the afternoon and the students have left the building.
  5. On days when school is closed because of snow or other calamities, all activities scheduled for that day will be cancelled or postponed.
  6. The school building will not be used for recreation by outside groups on legal holidays.
  7. Private individuals or family affairs will not be permitted to use school facilities.
  8. No group will, under any circumstances, tamper with any electrical or heating controls.
  9. The kitchen will not be used by any group unless arrangements are made to have one of the regular cafeteria workers present.
  10. There will be no smoking in the District facilities and on school property as defined in Board Policy.
  11. All facilities must be vacated at 10:00 p.m. on weekdays and by 11:00 p.m. on weekends by all groups unless excused by prior approval of the Superintendent. This will allow ample opportunity for the custodian in charge to secure all facilities.
  12. All facilities used must be left in the same condition as they were before the activity.
  13. All chairs and other equipment used by outside groups must be returned to their proper locations at the close of the activity.
  14. School-sponsored activities have priority in the use of school facilities.
  15. There shall be no use, possession, sale or distribution of alcohol or controlled substances as defined in Board Policy , or of intoxicating beverages at any time in the school buildings or on school property.
  16. Responsibility for the preservation of order, loss, and damage must be assumed by the applicant during the use of the property. Any damage to school property shall be reimbursed by the organization using the same.
  17. Necessary police protection and security will be provided when deemed necessary.
  18. The Board assumes no responsibility for any properties left in the building or on the grounds.

*Assumption of Risk for Use of Facilities forms may be completed for groups in certain situations in lieu of the insurance rider. Please contact the building principal with questions.